These can be built using concrete sleepers, concrete poured plinth (a solid wall which has been boxed up and filled with concrete) or Perma Pine sleepers.
In the photo below you will see that we have built a retaining wall with concrete sleepers that has started around 1 metre and gradually diminishes with the fall of the land.
With walls like this we put metal and Ag pipe behind the wall to assist with drainage.
This photo above shows the opposite side of the retaining wall where the infill of metal has been laid and then some good potting soil put over it and the owners intend to plant some small shrubs along there.
Below are examples of a poured concrete retaining wall. This is holding back soil from the next door property but also offering a sound plinth or basis in which to support the new post and rail fence.
This ia a close up of the profile of this fence and it is called
TL5 Colorbond and is in Slate Grey.
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